Copyright holders threatened to complain about Telegram to US authorities due to pirated content

The association, representing the interests of the largest Russian book publishers, complained to the Telegram administration about pirated content in the messenger. 

If the service does not meet, they threaten to contact the US authorities. Video content owners claim that the messenger administration has ceased to respond to claims after the start of problems with the TON cryptocurrency

The Association for the Protection of Copyright on the Internet (AZAPI), which represents the interests of large publishers such as Exmo, ABC-Atticus, and Alpina Digital, has proposed the introduction of digital fingerprint technology in the messenger to combat illegal content. 

About this writes Kommersant, with reference to a letter from the head of the association Maxim Ryabyko. He specified that Telegram has not yet answered.

There are more than 170 channels with pirated content on Telegram, with a combined audience of several million, Ryabyko said in a letter. 

At the same time, the administration of the messenger and most channels do not respond to requests from copyright holders, he added. 

AZAPI expressed concern that the launch of its own cryptocurrency Telegram TON (Telegram Open Network) will make it “an ideal tool for monetizing counterfeit content on an anonymous basis,” Kommersant quotes.

AZAPI threatened to appeal to the US authorities — the Chamber of Commerce, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the financial anti-money laundering development group (FATF) and the American Association of Book Publishers — if Telegram refuses digital fingerprints. The association intends to notify US government agencies of «substantial risks» for TON copyright holders and investors from the creation of an «uncontrolled mechanism for laundering criminal proceeds.»

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The problem with pirated content is typical for Telegram among all messengers, because there are channels and bots, the director general of the Internet video association Alexei Birdin told Kommersant. Since September, the administration of the service has begun to respond to claims much longer or does not respond to them at all, added Dmitry Gudumak, director of commerce and development of video service Start.

Telegram messenger was launched in 2014 by VK co-founder Pavel Durov F 39. Since April 2018, access to the service in Russia has been blocked, but it continues to work. The launch of the cryptocurrency and blockchain platform was planned until October 31, but was delayed due to SEC claims. Under the ICO, Telegram raised $ 1.7 billion. On November 12, Telegram demanded to lift the temporary ban on the issue of cryptocurrency. The court decision has not yet been made.

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