World Wide Web Creator Introduces Internet Rescue Plan

The creator of the World Wide Web presented a plan to save the Internet from manipulation, faknews and pressure from states. 

His project was supported by Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

The creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee, launched the Contract for the Web project — a global plan to rid the Internet of political manipulation, faknews and privacy violations and «make the network better than now.»

The plan includes three main areas that relate to governments, companies, and ordinary users. 

Each category has its own requirements. For example, governments, according to the plan, must provide all people with an Internet connection, prevent it from being disconnected and respect the fundamental human rights and privacy of users.

Similarly, the plan encourages companies to respect and protect privacy and personal data and make the Internet accessible — both in price and in terms of prevalence. 

A separate requirement for companies is “to create technologies that support the best in humanity and fight the worst.”

World Wide Web Creator Predicted End of Google and Facebook

Users are required to participate in filling the network with useful content, to build communities that respect other people and their dignity. A separate point implies a fight for the Internet: users are encouraged to pay attention to threats, to resist attempts by the authorities to regulate the Internet and support companies and startups that develop the network and turn access to it into a “basic human right and the common good”.

The project created the Berners-Lee Foundation World Wide Web Foundation, together with representatives of several governments, companies and non-profit organizations. Among the sponsors of the project are several dozen companies, including the most famous Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. Proponents of the project must demonstrate that they follow the principles and work to solve complex problems. Otherwise, they will be excluded from the project, explains The Guardian.

“The power of the Internet in transforming people’s lives, improving society and fighting inequality is one of the defining possibilities of our time. But if we do not act now and together to prevent those who want to divide and destroy, then we risk losing this potential, ”Berners-Lee said.

The creator of the World Wide Web Berners-Lee spoke about the main threat to the Internet

Berners-Lee worked at the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, when in 1989 he proposed a global project for the World Wide Web. Since then, it has become the main global network that unites web pages: if the Internet is the system of integrated computer networks itself, then the World Wide Web is all the content that is transmitted through these networks.

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